A community of thinkers, doers, makers, and shakers.

Where we focus on Community Over Profits

When humans come together in a meaningful way, magic happens.

Communities create trust, seed lifelong friendships, encourage collaborations, spark ideas, unlock resources and give people a sense of home and safety.

In a meaningful community, we feel that we belong, we are reminded that we are not alone and that we are surrounded by people who care about us.


We believe our core purpose as human beings is to serve others and to make an impact.

This shared identity of service and impact provides the foundation to support each other, to trust in one another and to build more meaningful relationships.

Shared Experiences

Shared Experiences bring members together and fundamentally deepen the bonds among them.

From community lunches to game night to group meditations, we curate experiences to nurture connections which blossom into real relationships leading to a true community.


Success is not a one person job.

It’s people empowering people.

Imagine Work214 as your nest where we help grow your wings to fly towards the horizon of success.

A space designed for people like you. Whatever that may be.


Startups are the cornerstone of the American Dream: the opportunity to take an idea and turn it into a successful business.

Work214 offers a full suite of amenities to get you started right away so you’ll never have to worry about buying furniture, or setting up utilities.

Our simple, flexible membership plans, allow you to expand and contract based on your needs.


Freelancers are the types of individuals who want to work wherever, whenever.

You’re a little more free-spirited than most professionals thriving off the energy that comes from finding a new gig and working on various projects for various companies.

The workspace of a freelancer should be just as creative, spontaneous, and dynamic as he or she is, which makes Work214 and freelancing a match made in heaven.

Work214 offers flexibility with no long term contracts, top notch amenities and an engaging community to build real relationships.

Remote Teams

Whether you are a start up or an established company, you want office space for your team without the hassle of long term leases.

Whether you're in the area for the short term or long term, you have flexibility in arranging the perfect office fit for your team and we can work with you to serve them as best we can.

You also have the opportunity to be around a community with whom you can engage and interact with for projects or events.

Work214 serves as a platform for flow of ideas and creative productivity.

Your teams will perform more productively and do so with more joy at Work214.

Small Businesses

From small design firms to financial advisors, when you need a specific address that you can be proud of Work214 is the place for you.

Small businesses thrive in our environment because we offer the best designed office spaces in the heart of Uptown without nickel and diming you.

We can help lower your overhead with our private office membership plans.

Parking, conference rooms, blazing fast internet, and many more amenities are all included in your membership.

Only a life lived in service to others is a life worth living. Work214 exists to serve you.
– Albert Einstein